The Naked Gospel

Typically, before writing a blog, I spend way too much time analyzing it. Jotting

down my ideas as I read, highlighting things, writing questions in the margins. This time, I just want to write about how this book spoke to me. This isn’t really a “book review.” I mean, it involves a book but it’s more about what this book said to me that I want to write about.

Recently, I had actually been feeling quite down for various reasons. Work was stressing me out. Things with the loved ones in my life weren’t how I wanted them to be, fighting, breaking up and more fighting. And I had been keenly attuned to the failures in my life to live up to what I wanted and perceived my life in Christ to be.

I had actually taken a break from doing these book reviews because I needed to de-stress myself and trying to read a book within a relatively short period of time (when your life is chaotic as mine had been), trying to make the review meaningful and all the while allowing the book to speak to me seemed too much.
Then I got my message from Mike (I’ll be honest, I love it when I receive a message from him). More books have become available for review. I remember the Naked Gospel being available with another book that I actually thought looked much more interesting; however, I felt compelled to go with this book.
I set all of this up for you, my fictitious audience, because this is an important work. This book has spoken to me more deeply than many have in the past (which is partially why I’m apparently super-verbose right now).
In no sarcastic way — I cannot do this book justice by going chapter by chapter and review it.
What I can do is describe what has happened within me.
I, like many others, have lived a life defined by what I knew of the Gospels, of salvation, and of life. This book has drastically, wonderfully altered that. Remembering why I came to place my trust in Jesus, being reminded of my place before God, and encouraging me to life more fully because that’s all that I desire — this is what the book has done for me. I became a Christian because the promise of a redeeming God, a sacrificial son, and a guiding Spirit were so good, so real, that I surrendered myself to it. To be ensured that I was loved by God and that Christ took up dwelling within me was the most exhilirating experience of my life.
All too shortly after that, I was told that my life was to reflect a God who demanded constant repentance or risk losing mine and other souls.
You know what, I digress. And I’m going to leave this digression in here because its a reflection of what’s happening in my mind right now. It’s a confluence of spirit, goodness and life and leads me to talk and talk and talk.
This book will help you identify yourself. And you are in Christ and he in you. Be encouraged by that. Take that truth and live. That’s what we’re supposed to do with it.


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