I tried to write a little introductory blog about myself and why I’m doing what I’m doing. In case you missed that, here’s a little more. I grew up in the church, worked in the church, got angry at the church, don’t go into churches but, man, I love the Church. So, these words at time might be mean, sarcastic, irrational; I’m trying to write and get some ideas out about some of the glaring problems that exist in the church today.
But, I’m also trying to write to encourage others. Maybe you’ve had similar experiences. What makes this blog so difficult to begin with is that I’m the only one reading this stuff. So, if you happen to read a post, write me about it or something else.
I love chatting.
I’m married. Been with the same wonderful girl for 10 years (married for 5). Own a home, a dog, and two cats. Work hard. Love to study. That’s me.


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